Project 100 : The 2 Hour Site System

Posted by admin | On: Oct 02 2011

Project 100


Well, it’s not actually sold as a 2 hours system, but that’s how quickly the Project 100 author, Gavin Hartwell, can create a site from scratch. The real project description is “the fastest and easiest way to pull in easy money”. It’s a bit of a bold claim, but after working through it, I believe it is true!

I recently signed up for Project 100 because it’s run by Gavin Hartwell, one of the main stays of the Extreme Niche Empire forums (R.I.P). One of the big selling points is that Gavin is an ex-Google employee, though the main reason for forking out the cash to purchase this was his contribution on the forums, where he regularly came up with sound advice and good tips. And he never beat around the bush, nor held back ay opinion – just don’t tell him you belong to the Warrior Forum ;)

It also helped that he gives away an impressive manuscript detailing, as he puts it, Keyword Research Done Right.

Anyhow, back to the main subject, Project 100.

Project 100 is a 7 day course, stepping you through the process of building and promoting an Adsense monetized blog – although Gavin does say it works just as well with Clickbank, Amazon or others – which should rapidly reach the first page in the SERPS (the Search Engine Results Page. Unlike ENE and most others, this is not an auto blogging system, and yet it can live up to the claim of being a

The initial approach (I’m not going to spell out the details, that’s Gavin’s prerogative) is much like similar techniques, including ENE, and starts by selecting a popular niche with a likely high payout. But that’s pretty much where any similarity to other products ends. And even that is done using a novel, interesting and quick method that I at least have never seen elsewhere.

Project 100 – The 7 Steps

As I mentioned above, the course spreads over 7 days. Or that, at least, is the intention. The script Gavin uses to ‘drip-feed’ has proved to be a little imprecise and sometimes it gets closer to a 2 day gap between steps. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the wait.

Day 1: Selecting A Niche

On this day, Gavin introduces you to his business structure and how he generates a high income (without, of course, promising you’ll do the same). This is followed by his unique approach to the choosing a niche and validating that it’s likely to be an earner. To me, this step alone was worth the investment! He finishes the day with setting up the domain hosting, but there’s nothing particularly special included here.

Day 2: Configuring Your Blog

Although not essential, Gavin supplies a WordPress theme which he has optimized for this approach and suggests you use. And if you’re interested, you can see it in action in his demo Bailiff Services. He also steps you through setting it up and details which plugins he considers essential and how to install them.

Day 3: Writing the Blog Content

This day covers exactly what content should be on the site. It’s a little different than I’ve seen on other sites, such as ENE, but it’s much more easily produced than you’d think. But for those who just can’t write, or who have the money not to need to do so, Gavin does suggest some alternatives, but these are an extra cost, so not part of the course itself.

It’s a this point that the monetization comes into play, and Gavin explains clearly how to add the ads to the site in the most efficient manner.

Day 4: “It’s Time To Get This Puppy Noticed!”

The quote’s from Project 100 Day 4 itself and precisely describes the day’s content. Getting indexed and promoting the site. Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign up for the full details on how this is done.

Day 5: Backlinking!

Another really smart part of Project 100, this day covers some great techniques for obtaining high PR backlinks. This is the one part of the project where Gavin recommends signing up for a paid external service, but he does stress this is optional, and you can do it yourself, it’s just a slog.

Day 6: » Secret Techniques «

This is a top secret day, so I can’t reveal anything about the process. All I can tell you is you’ll learn some other, very special, approaches to backlinking ;)


The last day, and a final wrap to the complete process, Gavin also covers as many questions you might have as he can.

Project 100 Private Forum

As you complete each day’s work, a quick visit to the forum can prove really beneficial, where you can learn from the other member’s experience. And so far it is a busy forum. And it’s value doesn’t end when you compete the course – so far I’ve continued to see new tips almost every day. And Gavin has been there throughout the day to answer all the Project 100


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